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Badge holders and Reelstrap works perfectly together.

Badge holders and Reelstrap

Badge holders, almost all kind of, can be attached to Reelstrap. The badge holders are easily attached by a pressbutton. Badge holders and Reelstrap works perfectly together and offers the best badge holders solutions on market.

Badge holders are sold separately for Reelstrap accessory. We can supply almost all kind of badge holders, for example rigid open faced 2-sided badge holder, protective badge holders etc.

Badge holders are used for example work ID, CAC card or smart card for access control systems. Sometimes you may need badge holders for 2 ID cards and then two sided badge holders are excellent answer. It holds 1 card to both sides.

plastic badge holders double sided id card holder is useful id holder for twic cac card id badges

These open faced rigid two sided badge holders are available model which is compatible for horizontal or vertical card layout. The badge holders material is hard PC plastic material so these badge holders are very durable.

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Clear transparent color is useful for badge holders, because then your ID card´s whole layout area is visible.

id badge holders bl id card holder proximity card holder

But badge holders for 2 cards are availble also in black color. It is your choice do you want clear transparent or black color badge holders.

badge holders and lanyards wholesale badge holders retractable id

If you need badge holders only for vertical layout ID cards, then above vertical model badge holders are good answer.

badge holders for employee id card or airport security sida asic raic hospital id

The vertical model two cards badge holders are designed to compact size and the badge holders holds 2 cards just right tightly in the badge holders.

badge holders id lanyard badge reels

Photo on above shows how you can attach badge holders to Reelstrap which is the most useful ID holder solution together with the badge holders.

badge holders retractable id lanyard badge reels

Badge holders and Reelstrap are together perfect solution. The Reelstrap(TM) is patented and design registered product.

Below photos shows how 2-sided badge holders holds 2 id cards, 1 card front and 1 card back. If you are looking for badge holders for 2 cards, then these badge holders are good answer.

plastic badge holders name tag holder

name badge holders for nurses

Badge holder FRA is useful for contactless smart card. Video below:

Below photo shows how you can connect protective FRA badge holders to Reelstrap by press button holder:

vertical badge holder id name badge hard plastic retractable lanyard with card holder

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